The Neighborhood Facelift is an active neighborhood enhancement program designed to bring neighbors together with community organizations to create a significant, positive, practical impact within the Nelson Neighborhood. Hundreds of volunteers partner with our neighbors to invest time, money and effort in core city Muskegon.

The project activities provide the effects similar to that of a facelift, with the intent of rejuvenating the existing physical built environment in our Downtown neighborhoods. These activities lift the spirits of those living in these neighborhoods as well, and continue to build community on the assets and strengths that currently exist in this neighborhood. This is done through the following activities:

- Landscaping
- Exterior painting
- Power washing
- Minor porch repair
- Accessibility upgrades (wheelchair ramps)
- Other minor exterior repairs

Participants are expected to work alongside volunteers to spruce up the properties where they live. This can happen in a number of ways, including:
- Helping volunteers working at your home.
- Helping volunteers with the work done on your neighbors’ homes.
- Showing hospitality for the volunteers working at your home.
- Planning a block party with a committee of neighbors celebrating the end of the project.
- Covering some/all of the costs of the materials (paint, plants, etc) used where you live.
- Other

If you have a church or organizational group who want to get involved in this great community project you can apply to volunteer at our volunteer page!