Community enCompass is the merger of two organizations—Bethany Housing Ministries and Sacred Suds. Under a common vision to make restorative, transformative impact in McLaughlin Neighborhood, these two organizations came together in March of 2008.

The name—Community enCompass—reflects our strong commitment to working WITH our neighbors in mutuality and partnership, while at the same time reflecting the idea that the organization encompasses various programs and partners in its efforts. And, as a bonus double-meaning, the “en” of enCompass stands for Empowering Neighbors. While each organization had to sacrifice a bit of identity and independence, the synergy and streamlined efficiency that has resulted from the merger makes us better equipped to make deep inroads into the vision that is possible!

Community enCompass:

With the combined capacities, strengths, experience of Sacred Suds and Bethany Housing Ministries, Community enCompass looks to the future and envisions a restored neighborhood, in which all neighbors have identified and have opportunity to use their God-given gifts towards the building and strengthening of their community. We envision a neighborhood where all the assets of our community-the gifts of the residents, of the associations, and of the institutions-are fully utilized, so that our neighborhood becomes more of a picture-or preview!-of heaven.

Community enCompass is a 501(c) nonprofit corporation (under the legal name Bethany Housing Ministries, Inc) recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Federal government. To verify this status and view Bethany Housing Ministries’ (dba Community enCompass) most recent tax filings please visit www.guidestar.org.