Safe and affordable housing is the foundation that allows individuals and families to move along the continuum of assistance to financial security. Today, houses in the core city are selling quickly and prices are on the rise. According to The United Way, 63% of Muskegon's core-city population struggles to save any money in today's economy. With the high cost of housing being the largest burden on their paycheck, many families live in low quality, expensive rentals with little hope of getting on the property ladder.

In 2010 a kitchen fire destroyed a beautiful, 100-yr-old Community enCompass four unit apartment building in Nelson Neighborhood. No one was hurt, and every one was re-housed, but the fire left a gap in our neighborhood and reduced affordable housing.  Today, through the strong commitment of Community enCompass and our neighbors to the neighborhood, the possibility of rebuilding is very near! Named 'The Phoenix', the new building at 380 Houston Ave will rise out of the proverbial ashes of the previous building, recreating four units of high quality, affordable rental housing for our neighbors that will fit into the neighborhood seamlessly.

L E A R N M O R E !

The Phoenix at 380 Houston is the first of a series of projects, creating both new affordable rental and home ownership opportunities, with design characteristics that fit into the historical aesthetic of core-city homes. Neighbors will have quality housing they can be proud of and an opportunity to save and reinvest back into stronger thriving communities.